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Raising awareness of the importance of moths through trapping and recording, all the while posting the results and pictures here for everyone to enjoy!

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Autumn Influx

The leaves aren’t the only thing that changes with the passing of summer. The air changes, weather takes a turn for the unpredictable, and the moths in the trap do a changing of the guard. Now instead of the ridiculously regular garden grass-veneers, or ermine micros in their vast numbers, or fluffy buff ermines andContinue reading “Autumn Influx”

Moth Trap Intruder

Ultraviolet light is the go to method for trappers of moths in the UK. Ropes soaked in attractant or pheromone lures are also used, but light traps are by far the best source of moth recording data. Moths are insects, and as such, aren’t the only member of that class to find themselves inexplicably drawnContinue reading “Moth Trap Intruder”

Rise of the Underwing

Its undoubtedly heading towards autumn, and with changing seasons comes the changing of the guard at the moth trap. Gone are the armies of Heart & Darts that used to bombard the trap every night, and no Buff or White Ermines to brighten the morning. They are now replaced with the equally welcome and stunningContinue reading “Rise of the Underwing”

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