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Raising awareness of the importance of moths through trapping and recording, all the while posting the results and pictures here for everyone to enjoy! Fully searchable illustrated database of moths recorded to date. NI Moth Trap is part of DGPix Wildlife &Nature Photography

Latest from the Blog

Oxford Island Moths

I had the welcome opportunity to trap the nature reserve at Oxford Island on the southern shores of Lough Neagh. Poking almost a mile out into the largest inland lake in the British Isles, this reserve was once an island until the lough levels were lowered over 100 years ago. I’ve photographed the moths withContinue reading “Oxford Island Moths”

A Herald of Summer

There aren’t many more clear signs of changing seasons than those highlighted for us by nature itself. None more so than the way the changing of colour and the falling of the leaves signals a change for damper, darker days of Autumn. And so too does the type of moth we see signal the whatContinue reading “A Herald of Summer”

Hebrews & Quakers

You’d be forgiven for assuming a religious nature to this post, but that’s all down to the beauty of the common names of our known moths! a quick glance at the index of any decent book published on moth identification and you’ll find elephants, grasses, thorns, daggers, emeralds and many more. But our moth trapsContinue reading “Hebrews & Quakers”

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